22. August 2020 - 3:00
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Human Performance Application Workshop | Sobota, 22. August 2020

Our goal to explore the most effective ways towards application.

Throughout this 2-day workshop, we will provide practical examples and programming templates in Strength, Speed and training frameworks so you can fully experience the principles of Coach Nicole Rodriguez.


One common denominator across performance coaching is being TIME poor when executing Team Training, Personal Training and Youth Development Training. All three populations require different needs. In this workshop, we will highlight 6-S Factors that an athlete needs to be successful and the testing to help support these factors. We will then look at the practical components of the 6-S factors; Strength, Speed, Suppleness, Stamina, Skill, Spirit and provide programming guides to help support the time poor coach.


The Human Performance Application Workshop will provide “high pay-off” movements for short distance sprinting, long distance running, and change of direction mechanics. These “high-pay off” drills will be designed with the time poor coach in mind so he/she can start to set movement standards for their clients/athletes. We will also be laying the foundation for Strength, Speed and Stamina as these 3-S factors work hand in hand from a programming perspective.